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Chipless Metal Forming Machinery Sales & Service, Applications & Sheet Metal Parts Fabrications Support

Your "One Stop" source! From project ideas to part design, from prototypes to large production runs, from machinery sales & setup to after sales support - we are your knowledgeable metal forming partner, supporting you in all phases of your production needs.





• metal spinning & shear forming machines (spinning lathes, spinforming lathes)

• flow forming machines (flow forming lathes)

• wheel forming machines

• rotary forging presses

• tube (cylinder) necking-in & closing machines

• trimming, beading, flanging, lock-seaming, ..., machines

• profiling & pulley forming machines

• circular (circle) and ring shears

• roll knurling machines

• light and flag pole manufacturing machinery

• custom metal forming machines

• used metal forming machines - retrofits / upgrades

• automation & robotics



• "Green" bio-based metal forming fluids, oils and coolants

• Solid wax-based metal spinning lubrication bars (spinning soaps), forge (hot forming) sticks

• Tooling engineering & manufacturing

• Metal spinning & flow forming rollers out of a variety of different tool steels

• DURASPIN® material sales

• Metal spinning & flow forming training, programming support and consulting

• On-site service

• Remote troubleshooting and repairs

• Spare parts

• Research & development, process development & simulations

• Upgrades, retrofits, maintenance

• Heavy-duty degreaser fluid, machining - cutting oils & fluids, coolants, grinding oil, quench oil, ...



Some of the metal forming methods used on our offered machinery include:

metal spinning (spinforming), shear forming, flow forming, internal spinning, hot metal spinning, spinning on air, spinning of unround parts, oval spinning, expanding, flanging, internal flanging, beading, trimming, edge setting, tube (cylinder) necking in, tube (cylinder) closing, reducing, swaging, profiling, splitting, folding, curling, beading, ribbing, lock-seaming, parting off, machining, groove turning, groove forming, thread rolling and additional related methods. Many of these methods can be used together in one cycle.